LogDog : Stop Hacker Intrusion Premium Apk Download

LogDog Premium Apk Download for free at here. LogDog Premium Apk stop hackers To Hack Your Account. LogDog Apk Protects your Accounts for 100% free.

LogDog Premium Apk Download

Logdog Apk Download
Logdog Premium Apk Download


Over 40,000 folks expertise on-line|a web|an internet} fraud each day!How does one make sure the best security for your online accounts and defend personal information against hackers?

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If you store personal info on your Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote accounts, you would like to be 100 percent certain that your privacy is protected against spyware and hacking. Your profiles and account logins ar liable to intrusion and fraud – it’s time to urge net security with LogDog!

If a hacker breaks into your on-line accounts, however would you know?
LogDog could be a mobile Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for your on-line accounts. LogDog is an online Military Intelligence Section 5 that sends you a right away security alert once any suspicious activity is detected in your accounts. Once notified, you'll take action and defend your net privacy instantly by ever-changing your login and/or passwords. Intrusion hindrance is as straightforward as one two three – and it’s 100 percent free!
Log Dog protects you from being a victim of hackers & spyware! Secure your email against hacks into Gmail and Yahoo, stop hackers from coming into your Dropbox and Evernote accounts and defend your Facebook and Twitter profiles – your privacy is our priority!

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How will it work?

LogDog unceasingly scans and monitors your accounts’ login location and times, range of messages and numerous alternative parameters. If our IDS detects something uncommon, like associate tried fraud or associate intrusion into your personal account, it instantly alerts you therefore you'll stop or stop the hack. LogDog is your virtual working dog, perpetually sniffing your accounts and barking once it smells suspicious activity!
Passwords and mastercard Protection
Did you ever send a positive identification or your mastercard info via email? If therefore, notwithstanding you employ robust passwords, they're not safe! Even a lot of therefore if you employ one positive identification for many accounts. New! - “LogDog Inbox Detective” - LogDog will currently scan your emails and realize all the threats that contain passwords, SSN and bank accounts info, phishing links and alternative doubtless malicious information . Once those messages ar found, LogDog will assist you delete those emails and apprize the opposite party to try and do same and defend herself from this mastercard info breach or positive identification security hazard. LogDog will scan through your Gmail account, Outlook, Outlook.com and Hotmail email suppliers.

Card guardian -  Credit Fraud Detective

These days, on-line mastercard scams ar progressively frequent. In fact, there's a decent probability that your mastercard details ar being oversubscribed to the best bidder in an internet black market immediately. defend yourself with LogDog’s Card guardian. Our new mastercard guardian module scans on-line black markets a day to create certain that your mastercard info isn't being oversubscribed on the black market by hackers. You don’t even have to be compelled to enter your mastercard range, our proprietary algorithmic program solely desires your Full name and Zipcode

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LogDog security software system protects your privacy on all major accounts:

✔Facebook Privacy 

- Facebook hacks ar progressively common recently. Don’t let a hacker post statuses to your profile!

✔Dropbox Security 

- Keep all of your Dropbox files safe and personal against hackers

✔Gmail Protection 

– Secure email is possible! Your emails ar for your eyes solely

✔Evernote Privacy 

– Your Evernote agenda desires protection against intruders too

✔Yahoo! Privacy 

- Get notified if a hacker is attempting to access your Yahoo! account


– Twitter - currently you'll have security for your Twitter profile too!

✔ Instagram protection

 security services on the way….!
Featured on Techcrunch – Gregorian calendar month 2015
Featured on LifeHacker – Jan 2015
Don’t Get Hacked – Get a LogDog!

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Logdog Premium Apk Download

Logdog Apk Download

Logdog Premium Apk Download


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