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PiePie Launcher is an android 9.0 Pixel style launcher, offers omnipotent customization and useful features to form your phone unique and efficient.

Android™ Pixel Style Launcher
A Pixel Launcher features: swipe up from dock to review all apps at full screen mode, tint the dock, use the new circular folder style, place the Google Pill and Date widgets and more. PiePie support Android 6.0 to 9.0 style, default is Android P (9.0). to vary the launcher style: Access Setting -> Quick Setting -> Launcher Style. 

Useful Tips:
: Long continue empty space of home screen to access setting, or click PiePie Setting icon on home screen.

Tip for noobs: If you would like an easy Pixel launcher only, don't wish to waste any nerve cell on PiePie , then stop here and luxuriate in it.

Omnipotent Customization
1.Home Screen: customize home screen layout, icons size, label style. Show or disappear notification bar etc.
2.Scroll Effect: try 14 different home screen scroll effects and find your favourite one, you'll also add dissolve and elastic scrolling coefficient, see what difference they're going to bring back your phone. 
3.“At a Glance” widget: customize widget font, clock and date format, search bar style etc.
4.All App: customize all app layout, icon size and label style. Top search bar style.
5.Dock: customize dock style, like icons number, dock height, label, arrow, page indicator, rounded dock etc.
6.Folder: customize folder layout, folder open animation, background color and opacity, rounded corner, icon size, label style etc.
7.Theme: build-in 6 standard themes, or auto-theme depends on wallpaper.
8.Icon Pack: apply icon packs, change icon shape. (Note: better restart PiePie after apply a replacement icon pack. Access Setting -> About PiePie Launcher -> Restart)
9.Shortcut& Popup: customize shortcut&popup style, label font, extract shortcut color from app icon, corner radius etc. 
10.Behavior: customize your mobile behavior, allow screen rotation, edit or lock home screen, etc.
11.Reset to defaults: don’t like your customization, one quite tap to reset all settings to default. (Access Setting -> Backup & Restore -> Reset to defaults.)

Fast and Efficient
1.Gestures: support 7 different gestures (double tap, one finger swipe up etc.), you'll access quite 12 actions or open any app by a specific gesture. 
2.Shortcut & Popup: customized shortcuts & popups allow you to access quick actions and apps fast and efficient. Shortcut and popup items are often customized at setting.
3.Deeply optimized Pixel launcher, less power comsumption and more smooth experience.

Useful Tips:
1.: Tap on “At a Glance” widget to access “Calendar/Set Alarm/Set Timer” action. Enable it reception Screen Setting.
2.Launch “Clock”: long continue “At a Glance” widget.
3.Tap on “All App” top search bar, to access “Google Assistant”, “Hidden apps”, “Play store” etc. Buttons are often customized. (Access Setting -> All APP -> Search Bar Settings - Button in search bar -> Buttons)
4.Double tap on home screen to lock device. 
5.Long continue App icon show shortcut menu, "edit", “share”, “find live store” etc. (Action items are often custimzed at Shortcuts & Popup Setting)
6.Long continue home screen shows Popup, quick access to “System Settings”, “Icon Pack”, “Lock”, “Edit” etc. (customized items)

Safe and reliable
1.Hide apps
2.Kids mode
3.Backup and restore

Theme Market
1.Icon packs: pls note: they're independent applications link to Play Store, some are free, most of them are charged. 

Android™ may be a registered trademark of Google, Inc. PiePie Launcher is inspired by Android 9.0 Launcher, but please be noted that it's not Google official product.

Note: this app uses the Device Administrator permission, because "Turn off screen" function need this permission.

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