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For most of the apps you downloaded via Showbox, you must be able to get CASH-POINTS at intervals thirty minutes. Sometimes, it would take longer than that. If you've got downloaded the app before, you'll not get POINTS for downloading it once more via Showbox. If you haven't receive your POINTS when thirty minutes, you'll be able to go settings page-missing points to lift a support price tag and Showbox team can do investigation.

For any clarification or support connected problems, please contact Showbox team via email: [email protected]
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Neither virtual personal network(VPN) or PROXY server is allowed for downloading the apps or finishing different offers in Showbox. Once any dishonest, fraudulent, or inappropriate use of the app is discovered, the Member's account are going to be suspended or terminated unexpectedly, and therefore the points and saved rewards at intervals in are going to be forfeit.

We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.

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Showbox patent number in Singapore: SG2013058490



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