Hanping Chinese Camera 汉平相机 (PAID) Apk Download


Save time doing lexicon lookups! merely purpose your camera at some Chinese text to induce all nation definitions. No have to be compelled to even bit the screen!

If you are not happy, for any reason, inside thirty days you get afull refund, period, no queries asked. we do not need your cash if you are not surprisingly happy.

節省時間進行字典查找! 只需將相機指向一些中文文本即可獲得所有英文定義。 甚至無需觸摸屏幕!

如果您因任何原因不滿意,則可以在30天內獲得全額退款,不問任何問題。 如果您不滿意,我們不希望您有錢。


★ Scans live camera preview likewise as still pictures (such as photos and screenshots)
★ Works entirelyoffline!
★PinyinandZhuyin(Bopomofo) pronunciation
★ Optimized for pages of standard text (such as in an exceedingly book)
★ Seamlessly integrateswith Hanping Chinese Dictionary(which is free),with Hanping Chinese lexicon ProandHanping Cantonese dialect Dictionary(paid app)
★ fast Settings Tile to toggle on/off
★ Shows HSK level and any custom tags

Please report any bugs or suggestions to USA viae-mail.

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