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The codec information (aptX, SBC others) is just accessible from Android 8.0 (Oreo) and just for associated gadgets!!! 

On the off chance that your gadget runs Android 6 or 7, this information won't be shown. 


Is it true that you are prepared to find any bluetooth gadgets around you? 

OK prefer to know it about the associated bt gadgets? 

Featured highlights: 

- Find all bluetooth gadgets, including associated, combined and obscure gadgets. 

- Keep track of your gadgets 

- bluetooth 4.0 scanner 

- ble scanner, ble rssi, bluetooth signal quality 

- Connect to bt gadgets 

- bluetooth address 

- Find Low vitality and exemplary gadgets, including savvy or band, TV, PC and others. 

- Pair bt gadget 

- Unpair bt gadget 

- Show battery level of associated bluetooth gadgets 

- Show signal quality, codec data (aptX, LDAC, SBC and others) 

- Replay any output ever, see any bt gadgets previously 

- Customize gadget (rename, change gadget type) 

- Useful channels dependent on gadget type, gadget name, time 

- Order by RSSI, address, name, seller and others 

- Highlight new gadgets around you 

- Generate graphs from information (gadget bunch conveyance and others) 

- Export database for further preparing 

- Find My Device 

- switch between dynamic bluetooth gadgets 

- restart check naturally


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