ZIMP : Zombie In My Pocket 1.09 [PAID] Apk Download


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One of the illustrious print and play parlour game finally on robot.

2010 Golden Geek Best Print & Play parlour game WINNER

The apocalypse has return and zombies area unit walking around. However, you'll be able to save the world! If you'll be able to realize the evil totem on covered map, handily hidden in associate evil temple in your house, and bury it within the burial ground, additionally handily situated on your property, all the zombies are banished and life will continue. All this must be done whereas zombies area unit offensive and before the clock strikes time of day.
You can obtain things to bash zombies on the way; a matchet, golf club, chain saw, or perhaps your former uncle's alarming femoris.

Features :
1. anytime you play the sport the board are completely different. you create the board by giving birth down tiles as you progress from area to area (like you are doing in Betrayal at House on the Hill). It's nice to use random tiles to create the sport boards as a result of they create positive that every game you play is completely different.

2. the sport features a in-built timer. every run through the deck of event cards amounts to at least one hour of game time (in real world, that works intent on one or two minutes.) This makes the player got to deem whether or not they have enough time to go looking for associate item or to cower in a very corner for health. There area unit several games that use similar card systems to maneuver the sport on (StarCraft: The parlour game, for instance.) however during this game you'll be able to move through the deck thus quickly that it typically becomes a somewhat torturous call concerning whether or not to burn that further card to go looking for associate item.

3. The combat very couldn’t be easier. variety of zombies - your attack power = injury you're taking. simple and balanced!

So, realize the zombie totem, then bury it within the yard burial ground before time of day and you've got saved the planet. Otherwise, you are zombie food.

Designer -Jeremiah Lee.
Art by Eddie Tjhai and Kwanchai Moriya.

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