WiFi Mouse Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard (Ad Free) Apk Download


WiFi Mouse : Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard

WiFi Mouse or Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard to manage your laptop

Transform your phone into a wireless mouse, keyboard and trackpad for your laptop. It permits you to manage your laptop exploitation the phone or any robot device once you have got connected it along with your laptop. 

WiFi Mouse : Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard app permits you to use to phone as a Wireless Mouse and Wireless Keyboard. The connecting is formed exploitation your existing local area network. currently flip your itinerant into a Wireless remote for your laptop.

With a completely Simulated Touchpad and Keyboard, build your remote expertise straightforward and economical.

Features for local area network Mouse : Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard

* totally Simulated Mouse
* Simulated keypad Pad
* Copy & Paste Text to laptop
* simple drag and drop
* faucet click
* to manage laptop / portable computer Mouse and Keyboard exploitation robot phone.


To link this app along with your laptop, you want to follow these steps :-

* laptop and Mobile each ar connected with same local area network
* you'll ought to transfer and install "Java Runtime setting (JRE)" & "Java Development Kit (JDK)". These software system ar found on-line.
* transfer JAR file exploitation the the " http://www.mediafire.com/file/4wgp2qxb4ab88lj/WifiMouse.jar/file " on your laptop. the JAR file permits you to induce the informatics Address of your laptop that you'll ought to placed on your phone app. 

Get the newest local area network Mouse or Remote Mouse & Remote Keyboard to manage your laptop for FREE!!

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