Override DNS (a DNS changer) Paid Apk Download


Requires ROOT

First of all some issues before going on:
  •  the app wants a stock-still device
  •  support of DNS on non customary ports is OK
  •  if you discover one thing that looks broken, please contact US ([email protected]) before posting a feedback. we will sort things, very we have a tendency to do!

The app could be a DNS changer for mobile and Wi-Fi networks that works from golem version four.3 (Jelly Bean).

With this computer code you'll be able to
  •  Bypass web censorship once primarily based upon DNS obstruction.
  •  Overcome associate degree golem limitation: there is not any system setting to alter mobile DNS.
  •  Speed up web affiliation. you'll be able to realize several articles on the net that show numerous benchmarks of name Servers performances and the way they have an effect on your navigation (your mileage might vary).
  • detain synchronise mobile and Wi-Fi DNS indeed from v1.2.0 the app will handle Wi-Fi connections, too.

  •  Automatic DNS amendment once a mobile affiliation gets activated (can be disabled).
  •  Automatic DNS amendment once a Wi-Fi affiliation gets activated (can be disabled).
  •  Automatic DNS amendment once associate degree local area network affiliation gets activated (can be disabled).
  •  Wi-Fi filter supported SSID, therefore you'll be able to mechanically apply DNS solely to bound connections (can be disabled).
  •  Custom DNS values.
  • virtually zero memory and central processing unit usage, as a result of it is not a service.
  •  Notifications allow you to understand that the app is functioning (can be disabled).
  •  Automatic DNS flush while not got to restart the device.
  •  DashClock integration, to stay an eye fixed on the DNS in use.
  •  It comes prepackaged with the foremost common DNS services.
  • easy and clean interface.
  •  Ad free.

Known problems
  • doesn't absolutely support multiple active connections (i.e. tethering or Wi-Fi AP or VPN): you'll be able to exclude one network device from the advanced settings
  •  horizontal layout continues to be awful.

Some references
  •  http://blog.mx17.net/tag/overridedns/
  • galvanized by setDNS
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