SecurePass - Password Manager Apk Download


With Secure Pass, you'll save all of your necessary information (passwords, pin, card ranges, etc.) to associate encrypted offline vault, thus you'll ne'er lose another secret. you'll conjointly build secure backups to a web account thus you'll recover your information if you lose access to your device, or build native backups if you like. 
Included Features: 
 - Generate and save random passwords
 - Save completely different fields (email, username, password, pin, card number, etc) 
 - Set color
-coded item classes for higher grouping - build firmly encrypted cloud backups to recover your things within the event of losing your device, or to transfer to a special device
 - build native backups encrypted with a custom secret
 - Use custom icons for your items: transfer your own, or use the icon of associate put in app
 - Check if any of your passwords ar in an exceedingly best-known information breach, victimisation the haveibeenpwned API; also can check once you add a secret 
 - modification the appliance color theme - Use a pin for faster login, if you have recently entered your master secret Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher suggested. Many security specialists suggest employing a secret manager, as a result of you do not have to be compelled to attempt to keep in mind difficult passwords and it provides a secure storage for all of your passwords. SecurePass provides a clean, light-weight answer to storing your passwords firmly. 
It conjointly has some premium options, like scanning for compromised passwords, creating secure backups to your account, dynamic the colour theme, and finding relevant icons for every item. Whether you like an easy, offline vault, or relish knowing that your passwords ar safely hold on within the cloud, SecurePass ought to be nice for you! Your vault is encrypted doubly, initial victimisation your master secret, so together with your device's keystore. browse additional concerning the encoding at 
 NOTE: take care to recollect your master and/or account secret, as there's no thanks to recover the info these passwords defend if you forget them. it's suggested that you just write them down and store them in an exceedingly bolted safe or in different places secure (not on a sticky note or in an exceedingly room drawer). Credits: Many of the coloured icons within the app came from This app was developed victimisation Sketchware.


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