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TechCalc+ scientific calculator contains twelve calculation modes in one application + a handy reference section that features an extra twenty two calculation modes and a wealth of helpful data. Perfect for all aspects of science and engineering calculations at school, university and throughout your career. Why transfer it currently and provides it a try? Modes enclosed are:
 ★ Basic Mode, 
★ Scientific Mode, 
★ 64-bit computer user Mode (Hex, Oct, Bin and Dec),
 ★ Graphing, 
★ Matrices, 
★ complicated Numbers (cartesian, polar, victimisation Euler's identity), 
★ fast Formulas, 
★ fast convertor, 
★ Time Calculator,
 ★ Equation convergent thinker, 
★ Calculus (Derivatives, Definite Integrals, Taylor Series, Indefinite Integrals & Limits) 
★ money + the tabular array of Elements! Features include:
 ★ All pure mathematics operations (radians, degrees or gradients) 
★ Powers & Roots 
★ Logs and Antilogs 
★ Factorial, Modulus & Random Numbers functions
 ★ HCF, LCM, Prime factoring 
★ Pol() & Rec() Functions 
★ Permutations (nPr) and mixtures (nCr) 
★ Statistics 
★ Fractions Mode
 ★ a good vary of conversion classes and constants 
★ twenty Memory Registers in every of the calculation modes
 ★ elaborate calculation history
 ★ intensive facilitate and Reference 
★ extremely customizable via the Settings The reference section includes: 
 ★ Physical Laws 
★ Names within the system of weights and measures ★ Mathematical Tables ★ Elementary
 ★ pure mathematics Identities ★ Differentiation & Integration Rules ★ Statistics Formulas ★ Vector arithmetic ★ ASCII, IEEE 754, down Bits, number Base Converters ★ pH, Interpolation, Body Mass Index (BMI), Percentage, Proportion Calculators ★ letter of the alphabet & Pi Notation ★ reconciliation Chemical Equations ★ Statistics (Grouped Data) 
★ Numerical Sequences 
★ wetness Calculations 
★ formal logic Calculator 
★ chemical formula Calculator 
★ of associate degree RLC Circuit 
★ Feet and Inches Calculator ★ ratio Calculator ★ measuring system Formula Calculator ★ simple regression Analysis (Simple Linear Regression; Multiple Linear Regression) Please email any queries that aren't answered within the facilitate section. 

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