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$3.99 for free
Easy formation graphics editor optimized for work with constituent exactness pictures (pixel art design) with the flexibility to form animations and work with sprite-sheets. The best resolution to form graphics for games, produce art and draw animation only for fun.
 The app benefits: 
 - Nice and simple interface in portrait and landscape on totally different screen resolution and dpi - little app size and optimized work with all offered RAM - Recognizing PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF image file formats and JASC PAL, HEX, Paint.net TXT and gameness GPL palette file formats - Advanced work with animation and layers, ability produce up to ten 000 frames with ten 000 layers if you've got enough RAM - Canvas see to eight Megapixels with any breadth, height and side (for example 4096 x 2048 pixels) - Customizing interface, background, grids and former phantom frame - best 32-bit ARGB palette (with alpha channel) up to ten 000 color samples - Configurable tools for fast and simple drawing - motor vehicle saving and resuming current project with all configuration - Undoing changes within the canvas up to fifty times - Ability to load a reference image and build a palette supported it - Applying up to five color mix modes: traditional, overlay, lighten, darken and multiply - Convenient tool for choosing and reworking a neighborhood, add space from the external file and save space to the file - intrinsical file browser with specs and thumbnails of pictures and palettes - fast access up to twenty recent image files and palettes

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