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Dewey Does Playground Memory match is fun and appropriate for kids/adults to coach their brain and keep the memory sharp. This automaton fun game has made visuals ANd offers an immersive expertise to stay players engaged throughout their enjoying time. Since the matching game is variety of a brain exercise, it improves kids’ memory and concentration power. Improved visual memory and faster-thinking skills square measure alternative advantages of enjoying Playground Memory match. Not simply children however anyone from a pair of to ninety two will play this game to own a fun time and improve their memory.

 How to Play:- 
The playground memory match shows you pairs of pictures of constant sport into 2 sections within the grid willy-nilly organized. All you've got to try to to is properly match sports and activity pictures as displayed on your screen. The game has multiple levels and continuously keeps you interested to maneuver up to ensuing level. the issue level begins with three X three grid and also the size keeps increasing to 4X4 grid, 4X5 grid then on. the sport becomes even a lot of fun and tougher each time you get on to a brand new level, and your memory becomes grifter.

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