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Dear Player,

Do you bear in mind this parlour game from your childhood?

Checkers - ancient and galvanizing game provides you heaps of fun with difficult pc or fiddling with different person on mode two players offline. Relax with yor family or friends and play Checkers. Share the sport with kids and show them the most effective diversion from your schoolyears. 

Are you a board-game-enthusiast? Would you wish to make or muse a technique to win? Checkers can assist you to find out and apply cerebration. you'll modification settings and opt for your own rules i.e. to capture backwards or to settle on obligatory capture.

And what is a lot of, you'll get this app and play for gratis.

Checkers is that the classic parlour game however during this app you'll realize options that create the sport even a lot of exciting. 

Different levels of issue

Let's begin from the simplest level and check if you'll defeat the pc. The capable you're, the a lot of doubtless to win with the knowledgeable. Take up the challenge and bear all four levels!

Different rules

There is nobody and solely thanks to play Checkers. everybody has numerous habits and frequently prefers to play precisely the same manner as within the past, that's why pick your favorite rules:

American Checkers (English Draughts) 🇺🇸 

Capturing is obligatory however the items cannot capture backwards. The Queen does not have long moves however only 1 step. The queen has ability to maneuver and capture backwards.

International Checkers 🌍

Capturing is obligatory and every one the items will capture backwards. additionally the queen moves otherwise, it's long moves – it means the queen will move any distance diagonally if the sq. isn't blocked.

Spanish Checkers (Damas) 🇪🇸

These rules square measure supported the international however the piece cannot capture backwards;

Turkish Checkers (Dama) 🇹🇷

Dark furthermore as lightweight squares of the board square measure used. items begin on the second and third rows, don't move diagonally however forward and sideways. The manner that queens move square measure almost like the chess queen.

Have you found the most effective rules for you? If not, opt for your own rules. It's very easy, simply enter Settings (upper right corner) and opt for the choices that you just like.

I want you had a decent game!

Best regards,
Łukasz Oktaba - author


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