Bhasre : Community Website Apk Download


Bhasre is a free community website where anyone can ask any question and anyone can answer to it for free without creating any account. Downloading and using this app is free. This app is just similar to community websites like Quora. If you get any problem, you can also contact them. Process to ask a question, Go to their app, click on ask a question. Then select a server and fill the form then you are now ready to ask question. After adding, within one minute, your question will be added. Process to answer.
 You can easily answer with any one of three way. 
1. Using Your Google Account. In this no captcha will be shown. 
2. Name And Url 
3. Anonymous User. In this two, captcha will be shown. 

 Features of this app.
 = AD Free App
 = Free To Use 
= User Friendly 
= No Login Required
 = Easy to Use 

Developer's Website=

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