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You May have explored Apk Editor free version where many features are locked but this is apk editor premium features unlocked apk. All the premium features are unlocked like AndroidManifest.xml edition, package name changer features, file asset editor for root, etc. are premium fratures.

All versions with its improvements

 V1.10.0: fixed the crash issue added a simple web server & png editor 
V1.9.10: adapt to android 8 upgraded android lib & smali version 
V1.9.8: a small fix
 V1.9.7: support "Decode All Files" (previous versions only decode partial files) 
V1.9.6: updated about dialog
 V1.9.5: upgraded depended components 
V1.9.4: a minor fix
 V1.9.3: bugs fix (font, mipmap, etc) 
V1.9.2: fix for android 8.1 add context menu for app list 
V1.9.1: added image downloader 
V1.9.0: REMOVED many features

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