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Welcome to the planet of industrial plant business!

Start with only 1 industrial plant associated an worker during this silly work machine. Hire more, build additional associated build additional to become an business leading big deal. you are the boss! and also the boss of the bosses! a minimum of till you meet the large BOSS...

• 💰 MANAGE – rent & train your employees. Not productive enough? Replace them with robots!
• 🏭 EXPAND – Run multiple factories at a similar time, upgrade and build additional crazy product
• 💤 IDLE – Too lazy to boss around? perceivable. Automate! Profit!
• 🏆 deliver the goods – build the large BOSS happy and find rewards
• 🤡 COLLECT – Get all the 200+ employees, bonus jobs, trophies...
• ⭐ status – Level up and restart with higher employees, higher bonuses, higher everything
• 🤑 cash – build more money and faucet faucet faucet to be a billionnaire multifactory businessman

You have ne'er seen factories like these before. every one managed by a wacky boss like the circus clown or medieval king WHO encourage their onerous operating staff by pounding the table and yelling. similar to your boss. Or your folks. Or spouse. we have a tendency to decision this "maximising profits through positive motivation".

And the workers? there is a long queue of eager staff at the industrial plant gates waiting to use by you! As their boss you get to coach them and reward the most effective performers with costs like golden medals and also the abundant wanted worker of the Day award!

Oh, associated did we have a tendency to mention the surprise boxes and loot? Boost productivity by giving your industrial plant bosses a cup of occasional or an energy drink. that actually gets them going! however regarding some psychological feature 80's ballroom music? Your staff can dance and jam and build even additional whereas at it!

Become the largest boss and build MORE!

!!WARNING!! extremely ADDICTIVE! Once you begin taking part in build More!, you cannot place it away!

Make More! may be compete for complimentary, however it contains facultative in-app purchases. Please see your device's settings if you would like to disable in-app purchases fully.

We'd appreciate if you'd report any problems you are having with the sport to [email protected], please embrace your device build and model.

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