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You appear to 🤔🤔🤔: - invariably forget one thing you would like to shop for once returning home.
 - get somethings you may ne'er use or have already got enough reception.
 - Waste loads of your time go from aisle to aisle future till notice what ought to get.
 - Fill significant wallets with membership cards and coupons.
 - Forget food terminated in storeroom or electric refrigerator. 
- Be confused reproval each day dinners.
 - Be stressed by uncontrolled family outlay and over budget. 
 👉👉👉 BigBag is precisely what your want, grocery looking are going to be easier and quicker than ever: 
✅ The looking list is often with you to recollect everything you would like to not forget on subsequent looking. 
✅ The Inventory list manage item in storeroom, fridge, inform you expiration date or ought to refill. 
✅ The instruction book keeps regular and favorite recipes for weekly dinners with each ingredients ought to get. 
✅ The Virtual notecase stores all loyalty cards, coupons info with barcodes to be used at the shop, you'll be able to get obviate significant cards. 
 👍 BigBag could be a pretty mobile app with straightforward philosophies: 
- Minimalism: straightforward however powerful
 - Smart: learn from you to assist you highe
r - Lightweight: supper straightforward, supper quick 
 👍 in contrast to alternative similar applications within the app store, BigBag integrates all higher than required functions in one app. you do not ought to switch between apps to search out what you would like. 
 👍 BigBag is created amorously, users love BigBag as a result of the subsequent wonderful options : 
- History: Remembers extra things for fast re-adding later,
 - Voice recognition: Input item by reprehension phone, 
- Text import: fast add things from text of a listing, 
- Drag & Drop: Reorder and alter item's classes by drag & drop,
 - Swiping: Swipe item to the left for deleting or the proper for snoozing, 
- fast set amount: Set required quantity of item directly within the list read, 
- Snooze AN item: put over AN item till next time looking, 
- Categories: To cluster things by classes, prepare things by look aisles, 
- looking mode: Special victimisation mode for looking trip, 
- Screen turned-on: Keep screen turned on whereas looking,
 - Multi-lists view: combine some elite lists to look at at only once,
 - Color lists: To mark things by list's change multi-list read,
 - Share: Share list with alternative apps,
 - Get shared: Import shared lists from alternative apps, 
- Backup knowledge: Alway keep your data safe,
 - Dark theme: scale back eye strain at midnight, 
- typeing: Sort list things alphabetically or by cluster, 
- Coupon: always remember coupons & promo codes,
 - Photo: bear in mind product to shop for with image, 
- Widget: Quickly read looking lists on home screen of your phone.
 - Cloud sync: Synchronize your knowledge to be used across multiple devices. 
- Barcode scanner: Quickly save your coupon code or card code and prepared for scanning in stores.
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