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Equalizer FX , bass booster and volume booster ( equivalent & Bass) will improve the sound quality of your robot phone. You can use any media player (music player, video player, etc.) , the equalizer can even modification the first sound quality. Equalizer , Bass Booster, and Volume Booster ( equivalent & Bass) can even increase the amount of movable system, like media volume, voice volume, system volume, ring tone volume, alarm volume, prompt volume, you'll be able to simply management. Equalizer FX, Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( equivalent & Bass), there are half-dozen volume modes for you to decide on, like traditional mode, music mode, outside mode, meeting mode, sleep mode, mute mode and custom mode, you'll be able to opt for these modes in keeping with your state of affairs. Using Equalizer FX , Bass Booster and Volume Booster ( equivalent & Bass), you'll be able to fancy your music higher Music Equalizer, Bass Booster ( equivalent & Bass) Features: 
✔ Equalizer result (Eq result )
 ✔ Bass Boost result (Bass result )
 ✔ Volume Booster result (Volume result ) 
✔ half-dozen volume modes
 ✔ half-dozen volume booster 
✔ seven bands equalizer 
✔ Virtualizer result 
✔10 equalizer presets 
✔ a pair of Visual spectrums (spectrums result ) 
✔ Music playback management 
✔ hear smart music no matter audio player you employ 
✔ hear smart music Simple Installation and usage for works with all Music and Video players:
 Work for Music or Audio,improve the sound quality 
* activate the Music or Audio(Video) player and play music
 * activate the Bass Booster & Equalizer application and regulate sound level and frequency. 
* place headphones or speakers for a best results
 * shut|to shut} application by the close button of notification.

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