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Calculator and could be a complete and straightforward to use multi calculator that permits you to handle all necessary calculations for way of life. an ideal hard tool specially designed and superbly designed for you. Calculator and is best utility that helps you to unravel daily straightforward calculations and issues from complicated calculations to unit and currency conversions, percentage, equations, areas, volumes, bmi, loan so on. It is an ideal tool for college kids, teachers, engineers, handyman, contractor or simply someone United Nations agency struggles with scientific discipline & conversions. that includes over eighty free calculators and unit converters absolutely packed in with a scientific calculator and far higher than your phone or hand-held calculator.

 Key options : 
• normal calculator, straightforward or Scientific layout.
 • Convert units or currencies within the same app 
• Solves your faculty homeworks instantly
 • Over eighty calculators and unit conveters 
• Currency device with a hundred and fifty currencies (available offline)
 • good seek for quicker navigation • Double faucet anyplace in app to open calculator 
• simple and fast navigation across app Math Tools
 • share calculator
 • Average calculator - arithmetic, geometric and harmonic suggests that • Proportion calculator
 • combos and permutations
 • space / Perimeter calculator for triangle, sq. parallelogram, quadrilateral, trapezoid, rhombus, pentagon, hexagon, circle, circle arc and conic section • Volume calculator for cube, rect. prism, sq. pyramid, sq. pyramid solid, cylinder, cone, conelike solid, sphere, spherical cap, spherical phase and ellipsoid • Equation thinker - linear, quadratic and equation system • Decimal to fraction • prime checker • trilateral calculator • Heron’s formula (solve a triangle knowing the aspect lengths) • Circle thinker • GCF and multiple calculator • Fraction simplifier • variety base device • Random variety generator Unit converters 
• Length device • space device • Weight device • Volume device • Speed device
 • Temperature device • Time device • Angle device • Pressure device • Force device • Energy device • Power device
 • Acceleration device • converter • Digital storage device • rate device • Prefix device • Image device • Charge device 
• Current device • Resistance device • electrical phenomenon device • Inductance device 
• Capacitance device • Fuel economy device 
• preparation device • Frequency device
 • illumination device 
• Radiation device More 
• Body mass index - BMI 
• Daily calories burn 
• Body fat share 
 • excise calculator
 • Tip calculator
 • Loan / EMI calculator 
 • Smoking value calculator
 • Age calculator
 • time period calculator - years & days, hours & minutes calculator The app is incessantly updated with new options and content. So, sit up to this point for brand new app releases.

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