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It helps you to write down code: It offers associate degree autocompletion support for: hypertext markup language ( HTML ), CSS, JavaScript, LaTeX (PHP, SQL fully version) It supports fashionable technologies: It offers associate degree autocompletion support for hypertext markup language five, CSS 3, Bootstrap, and Angular It supports FTP: You can transfer a file from the FTP server, send a file to the FTP server, and browse directories on the FTP server. It permits previewing web content in application: Allows you to induce a fast review of your online page. you do not ought to open a browser. A JS error console is enclosed. It supports not solely internet technologies: Besides hypertext markup language, CSS, JavaScript our editor supports syntax lightness for C/C++, Java, Python, LaTeX. 

Also, it offers autocompletion for C and Python normal functions and keywords. It is small: Less than a pair of MB installation file. 

 By shopping for this version you support more development of the editor, and acquire some further options : 
Line wrap, unlimited redo , autocomplete support for PHP and SQL , syntax colouring settings , fast switch between documents, send file to a different app (e.g. Google Drive) .  
Full list of features: 
 - Syntax lightness for hypertext markup language, CSS, JavaScript, XML, LaTeX, C/C++,Java, Python languages 
- web content preview within the application 
- Autocompletion for hypertext markup language tags and attributes as well as user created category names and Ids 
- Autocompletion for JavaScript objects, variables and functions - Autocompletion for CSS selectors, rules and attributes 
- Autocompletion for Bootstrap and AngularJS categories and attributes 
- Autocompletion for jQuery functions and selectors 
- Autocompletion for keywords and normal library functions for C/C++ and Python languages 
- Autocompletion for LaTeX commands. 
- Downloading files from the FTP server 
- Uploading files to the FTP server 
- Browse directories on the FTP server 
- Bottom toolbar with most used characters and indicator controls. 
- Search and replace, victimization regular expressions 
- Unlimited undo 
- totally different codepages support 
- Line list 
- Copy/paste 
- many opened files at constant time 
- Hardware keyboard support 
- Font size settings 

 Full version features: 
- No adds 
- Line wrap 
- Autocompletion for PHP functions and variables 
- Autocompletion for SQL 
- lightweight theme 
- Syntax coloring settings 
- Autocompletion in notice and replace fields 
- Unlimited Redo 
- fast switch between documents 
- Send file to a different app (e.g. Google Drive) WARNING! Current version of the editor totally suports solely English-like scripts (Latin, Cyrillic, Creek etc.)South and Southeast Asian and geographic region scripts support are else in future releases. 

 What's New? 

 1. Line wrap 
2. read mode (disabled onscreen keyboard)
 3. Indent left / right 
4. Select all
 5. File name on the screen 
6. Bugfixes 

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