Hotstar MultiMod Apk Download


The app hotstar is known by almost all the internet users. This app is very useful also for watching online streaming videos, local and paid videos and also games like cricket, IPL. The app is freely available in play store and almost all app stores in the internet but we provide the different version than others. This new hot star have different features and that is mentioned below. 

 - All the ads (advertisements) in this app are removed.
 - You will be use it freely because Analytics / Firebase are removed from this app.
 - The sports packs are now enabled for all users. 
 - Allthe graphics in the app are removed. 
 - The function of Install tracking code has been removed.
 - In the boot, Wake has been removed.
 - Other craps available in the app was removed. 
 - In this version, Jio to hotstar will work. 
 - Ask shrunk is just starting from 31 MB and ending on 24 MB. 
 So, these were the additional features of this app. You can download it from our site for free with one click download service. Also we provide pure .apk files to our users and that is also for free. If you have any confusions related to this app, then feel free to contact us through comments. Comments are easily available just below this HotStar Mod post. Also explore more apps from our sites and also all patched an nodded and hacked games. Thanks. 😯

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