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DU Battery Saver, the world\342\200\231s leading battery saver and Android power doctor & manager, with PRO features is an even more powerful battery saving app that makes your phone\342\200\231s battery last even longer! Get up to 70% more battery life for your Android phone and tablet! With DU Battery Saver\342\200\231s smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stage s features, solve battery problems and extend your battery life.
Presented by DU Apps Studio, DU Battery Saver PRO automates features from the free version and adds up to 20% more battery life. Schedule power saving mode by power level or by time. Slow down CPU, remove power hogging apps and update device settings to boost your battery life. You deserve a better battery life! You can search & try our FREE version before upgrading to pro.
Try the FREE version at: http://goo.gl/G2Yg1X

Highlights of DU Battery Saver PRO as a more powerful Android battery doctor & manager:
\342\230\205 INTELLIGENT MODE SWITCHING: Automatically switch smart battery saving modes based on your preferences;
-Battery Level: Switch to any preset mode when the battery power reaches a specific level;
-Time Schedule: Switch to any smart battery saver mode based on time of day;
\342\230\205 AUTO CLEAR APPS: Automatically shuts down battery power: draining apps that run in the background;
-Set an Auto Clear schedule at any interval you choose;
-Protect important apps from auto clearing by adding them to the Ignored Apps List;
-Clear unnecessary background power consumptive apps on screen lock;
\342\230\205 CPU FREQUENCY (for rooted devices only): Save even more power by reducing the speed of your Android phone\342\200\231s processor when your screen is locked.

Classic Highlights of DU Battery Saver (Android power doctor & manager): \342\230\206 Fast Battery Saver: Instantly find and solve battery problems with the \342\200\234Optimize\342\200\235 button. \342\230\206 Simple Battery Saver: Use smart pre-set battery power management modes or create your own to get high performance and great energy savings. \342\230\206 Effective Battery Saver: Protect your battery with healthy charging to extend the life of your battery. \342\230\206 Convenient Battery Saver: The home screen \342\200\234Optimize\342\200\235 widget allows you to stop power consumptive background apps with one tap to boost battery life. \342\230\206 Easy & Powerful Battery Saver: Extend your Android battery life by up to 50% without charging. \342\230\206 Global Battery Saver: Supports Deutsch, Espa\303\261ol, English, Fran\303\247aise, Portugu\303\252s, Portugu\303\252s do Brasil, P\321\203\321\201\321\201\320\272\320\270\320\271, T\303\274rk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, \330\247\331\204\330\271\330\261\330\250\331\212\330\251, \340\270\240\340\270\262\340\270\251\340\270\262\340\271\204\340\270\227\340\270\242, Ti\341\272\277ng Vi\341\273\207t, \346\227\245\346\234\254\350\252\236, \355\225\234\352\265\255\354\235\230, \344\270\255\346\226\207(\347\256\200\344\275\223), and \344\270\255\346\226\207(\347\271\201\351\253\224). \342\230\206 Adapts to You: Automatically save power and energy with DU Battery Saver\342\200\231s Smart Power settings. \342\200\234THE battery saving application that will increase the functionality of your phone like no other to ensure that your battery lasts longer, much longer.\342\200\235 \342\200\223 Mobiappsreview.com \342\200\234So full of so many useful features.\342\200\235 \342\200\223 Androidappdictions.com \342\200\234It really stands out from the crowd with its great ease of use and very powerful functionality.\342\200\235 \342\200\223 Androidappsreview.com
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
Q: What is healthy charge stage and how do I get a full charge?
A: Charge your battery when it\342\200\231s lower than 20% stage, and continuously charge until the 3rd stage of the trickle charging is complete. Do not overcharge or undercharge by charging in short bursts.

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